Church membership, facebook friend or family

One of our elders, Scott Parish, gave a very clear teaching recently about the importance of the church being a family.  Because of the social media generation (facebook, etc.) we use terms such as “friend” and our experience often morphs the definition based on current culture.

I recently listened to a family member ask another family member if they should add someone to their facebook friends status who was making a request.  They thought the other family member knew them because they were listed as their friend.  It was interesting listening to their dialogue.  Neither person knew them very well but only knew of them.  What little they did know about this “friend” wasn’t very positive in terms of a potential friend.

I thought to myself, what if a Christian from the early church, that lived the experience of the book of Acts, “where of one heart and soul” and they “had all things in common” listened to that dialogue about friends.  The members of the early church were not facebook friends but were family.

There is a great difference between a “facebook friend” approach to the house of God and the family approach of which the Bible speaks.   Really the design for God’s house is family.  The family metaphor is the most often used description for the church.  Here is a short clip that hits at the heart of what it means to move from a facebook friend approach to church life to an authentic family approach.  Even if you don’t like the messenger, please listen to the message, it is really good.

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